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Talea's Tales
So, about that grasshopper — 
11th-Oct-2012 07:40 pm
green leaves
When I saw the grasshopper at the beach I, like any good-natured daydreamer, scooped it up with some of the sand it was on and carried it back to the dunes.
I came back, feeling not quite like a hero but nonetheless quite good about myself. What a nice guy I am! Anyone else would have ignored the poor little thing.

Later, when the storms began and the sun disappeared I wondered where the heck I had put my inkwell that I had wanted to use for writing. The feather was still laying there forgotten between the notebook and some gadgets in my bag, but the ink? When had I last used it?

I had just wanted to ... and then I ... but I hadn't even opened it! And then I guess I forgot? ... What else happened? Oh. Oh me stupid, yes, of course, I saved the grasshopper and I guess, right. I probably forgot it in the dunes.

So it happened that on the search for my ink that I had wanted to use for stylish writing -- you know, not everybody writes with real feathers and dunks them into ink and stuff -- anyway, on the search for my inkwell I got completely surprised by the mighty storm that everybody had already fled from.


Ok, surprised not so much. But I stayed there quite a bit longer than I should have and when I finally indeed found my little bottle of real precious ink that I had bought at some expensive place in Malibu, the storm was all over me.

Not too funny. I still came back just in time for a change of clothes before going to that dinner party but I wouldn't have gotten completely soaked if not for that little grasshopper that probably knew exactly where it was going to…

Well. I regret nothing.

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