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Talea's Tales
11th-Oct-2012 07:40 pm - So, about that grasshopper —
green leaves
When I saw the grasshopper at the beach I, like any good-natured daydreamer, scooped it up with some of the sand it was on and carried it back to the dunes.
I came back, feeling not quite like a hero but nonetheless quite good about myself. What a nice guy I am! Anyone else would have ignored the poor little thing.

Later, when the storms began and the sun disappeared I wondered where the heck I had put my inkwell that I had wanted to use for writing. The feather was still laying there forgotten between the notebook and some gadgets in my bag, but the ink? When had I last used it?

I had just wanted to ... and then I ... but I hadn't even opened it! And then I guess I forgot? ... What else happened? Oh. Oh me stupid, yes, of course, I saved the grasshopper and I guess, right. I probably forgot it in the dunes.

So it happened that on the search for my ink that I had wanted to use for stylish writing -- you know, not everybody writes with real feathers and dunks them into ink and stuff -- anyway, on the search for my inkwell I got completely surprised by the mighty storm that everybody had already fled from.


Ok, surprised not so much. But I stayed there quite a bit longer than I should have and when I finally indeed found my little bottle of real precious ink that I had bought at some expensive place in Malibu, the storm was all over me.

Not too funny. I still came back just in time for a change of clothes before going to that dinner party but I wouldn't have gotten completely soaked if not for that little grasshopper that probably knew exactly where it was going to…

Well. I regret nothing.

Written for: writerverse
Promt: Tell a story through dialog only.

Summary: Students of architecture discuss their graduation projects.
Warnings: Don't look down during construction work.
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: G

Final Examination — The Sky Is The Limit

"How high, then?" asked Michel.

Nola shrugged. "Probably as high as the air is still breathable and you don't freeze to death."

"Oh. But they said…"

"Well for more you'd need special clothing and such. You still can go as high as you want."

"Imagine, skyscrapers that really scrape the sky!"

"I can't imagine that. But good luck with trying to build that."

"Thanks! … Nola?"


"What are you going to build, then? You do need to go up, they said."


"Oh. Erm. … Great, I guess?"

"A mostly stationary airship the size of a megacity, of course. Why should I stay small this time? I want it to be similar to our underwater cities except that it doesn't need quite as much protection and the elevator problems are already solved."

"Easy as pie."


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